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МОУ школа №3 - обладатель "золотых наград" Международного проекта AEC Projects (Европа-Азия)

Азиатско-европейская организация ASEF рада передать свои поздравления следующим ASEF Class Net проектным группам, которые были удостоены «золота» и «награды за заслуги», в знак признания их выдающихся достижений в продвижении основных задач ASEF ClassNet:


ClassNet: ASEF is pleased to offer its congratulations to the following ASEF Class Net Project Groups who were conferred the “Gold” and “Merit” Awards, in recognition for their outstanding achievement in advancing the principal objectives of the ASEF ClassNet:

Let's Travel and Explore!


People travel for different reasons: for work, relaxation, adventure, etc. One thing that travellers need is a useful guide for their chosen destinations. This guide contains practical facts on culture, history, transport information, tourist attractions, lodging, food, and many more issues. This project aimed to develop greater understanding among the students of their own country, as well as the countries in Asia and Europe. The students produced a customised travel guide that catered to the different types of travellers visiting their countries. They worked in groups to research on a local tourist destination and come up with Top Ten Tips for different types of travellers: the backpackers, eco-adventurers, business travellers, adventure-seekers, etc. Padlet was also used, where photos, text and video clips were mounted to create a travel guide they have in mind.

World War II: Keep It a History


This project engaged the students in exploring the history of the World War II, both in Asia and Europe. They conducted research on the role of their own countries during the World War II using various literature and media, as well as studying the similarities and differences of the events that had taken place during the War by looking at the different history timelines. After the research stage, they produced a video review of a selected film or written literature, which is associated with the World War II. They also conducted interviews with survivors/veterans who had experienced the War. All the information collected is then compiled into an online magazine, using the software Joomag. A collaborative magazine and a video were produced at the end of the project.

World History in Family Photos


 This project allowed the students to create a digital archive of the world contemporary history made of personal stories and experiences, everyday life snapshots, curiosities, historical events, and cultural information concerning the last decades of the countries involved. Students have chosen family photos taken in the past and presented them to all the participants. Every photo had to be accompanied by a short description, portraying the personal life stories of the people, as well as information about the period. The final result is the contemporary world presented by the common people and their experiences, together with the main events and features of every year in many different places located in different parts of the world.

В 2-х из 3-з проектов, удостоенных “золота”

(World War II: «Keep It a History» и «World History in Family Photos»)

участвовали обучающиеся нашей школы! Поздравляем! МОЛОДЦЫ!